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This Application is for the developers to use the sensors in your Windows Phone application.

Sensors Set Ver.0.8 (En) 07/20/2012

Application(Except Japan)
Visual Studio 2010 Project files(En)

センサー計測セット Ver.0.8 (日) 06/01/2012

Visual Studio 2010 プロジェクトファイル(日)
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Visual Clinometer is a clinometer that shows you the peaceful scenes for your relaxation. When you move your Windows Phone device, an object starts to dance in the quiet world. The object moves in 2D or 3D(Axonometric projection)world.

Visual Clinometer (En) 06/21/2012

ビジュアル傾斜計 (日) 05/15/2012

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Sound Clinometer Ver.0.8 (En)

今日も歩こう! Ver.0.8 (日) 2012年9月1日公開

Visual Studio 2010 プロジェクトファイル(日)

Daily Haiku Ver.1.0 for facebook / Daily Haiku Ver.0.8 (日)


Planning, XML Design, Graphic Design, and Tile Design

"Michitmo Japan", "Michitomo (for Henro)" (日)


Tile Design Collection (for Developer, Kuniyasu)

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