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"" is produced by Sei, managing the office "SeiSeinDesign" in Shikoku, Japan. And who is a member of the collaborative unit "PROJECT KySS". Sei has written many books about the theme of XML, with a pen name called "PROJECT KySS". "SeiSeinDesign" is connected the name "Sei" and "sein" pronounced with "zain" in German that means "existence", and "Design".


My name/Sei Yakushiji
Location/Shikoku, Japan
The date of start business/7 July 1998
My office name/SeiSeinDesign(from November 2005)
The old office name/PROJECT KySS
URI of the homepage/


Microsoft MVP for
Windows Server System - XML (Oct 2003-Sep 2008),
Data Platform Development (Oct 2008-Sep 2010),
Development Platforms - Client App Dev (Oct 2010-Sep 2013),
Client Development (Oct 2013-Sep 2015)

My Business

To create the digital books and the contents through the broadband network (Trademark in Japan, 2005)
Illustration, Graphic design,
Writing the technical articles, the columns, the essays, the song, the copies of advt.
Planning, XML design and XSLT programming, web application design, RIA programming (Visual Basic.), and the advice about them.