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Columns for the Book, Free Download!

Web 2.0 以降の時代を読み解くためのヒント

This 30 pages column had been appeared in the book "Visual Studio 2005 ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Programming Technique" published in November 2006

Online Columns

日経IT Pro連載「Webプランニングから始めよう」全26回
I wrote a lot of articles for the website and the magazine. All of the information of those articles, see
the database in the PROJECT KySS website. 

My Original Music (Instrumental)

1996年に入力してプログラミング本などのサンプル用楽曲として使ってきた midi ファイルを、XG 音源で再生して Wav 形式にしたものです。
水平線(The Ocean in My Mind) 1985
The Green Bells 1984
Carnal 1984
The Spring 1971


I am a fish vegetarian in my younger age, but my collaborator Kuiyasu Yakushiji who is the Visual Basic programmer, prefers the meat especially the beef to the vegetable, and I cook the vegetarian dishes and his dishes everyday.
And so I developed the ASP.NET application to search the menu with Visual Studio, in that an XML document processed by LINQ to XML.
About the sample application
"365 Vegetarian Menu (Web Applicarion)
(28 February 2008 Update, ASP.NET)
"365 Vegetarian Menu (Windows Phone Application)
(31 May 2011 Update, Silverlight 4)

Essay about My Favorites

Ran Akiyoshi ~寂と予兆の画家~(日)
Roger Penrose "心の影 Shadows of the Mind"(日)
AL DI MEOLA ~ギターの神様~(日)
The Crusaders "明日への道標"(日)
Nik Kershaw "Find Me An Angel"(日)

Columns and the Essays

I had written the columns and essays on the webpage since 1996.
Sorry, Now Editing.

Microsoft Expression Design Files Free Download !

These are the rough design files and the illustration created with Microsoft Expression Design. If you want to use this, please buy "Microsoft Expression Studio" and get these files.
Princess RIA (zip)
I have not renamed the layer name in these fies, so change the name of layer when you use.
A rough design parts (1)
View Image |
A rough design parts (2)
View Image |
The illustrations of udon, the Japanese noodle. Get the delicious 'Udon', for your Silverlight samples.
View Image |

Original Illustration

Re-incarnation(1997, Adobe Photoshop le)
The Charactors of the novel about XML, in the book that I wrote
"The Guidance of XML for the Beginners" published by Nikkei BP, Drawn with a pen and a color ink on the paper, and Adobe Streamline, Illustrator)
Shibamochi, the Japanese most Kawaii cake(used in the book, "XML+XSL code samples", Drawn with Adobe Illustrator)
A bagworm rabbit(for the SMIL sample in the book "VBScript for Beginners", Drawn with Adobe Illustrator)
The Dragon(for the New Year's card. painted with a pencil on the paper, and a watercolor painting, in 2000.)
The Child come from the Spring(2000, Adobe Photoshop)
Angelic(1997, Adobe Photoshop le)
Oriental(1997, Adobe Photoshop le)

DTP Design etc.

The cover of the online book 'ASP.NET Samples'(Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign)
The cover of the books about 'ASP.NET' and 'XML' (drawn with a pen and a color ink on the paper, and Adobe Streamline, Illustrator)
The logotype of the '99 XML webpage contest (Adobe Illustrator)

GIF Animation Free Download!

These images were painted with Adobe Photoshop le, directly.
A rice cake in the oven
A sweet potato
An icon of under Construction